Tubing Hill

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The first and only summer tubing hill in South Dakota! Yep, that’s right. At nearly 450 feet long, this lazy thrill ride is designed for all ages between 4 and 104 years old. The Tubing Hill has four different lanes that tubers can cruise down over whoops and bumps until coming to a gradual stop at the bottom. Not ready to go full tilt? No problem. The Tubing Hill also has a kids’ lane that allows younger riders to experience the same thrill at slower speeds!

Once you’ve finished your first Tubing Hill run simply step on the magic carpet and let it do the work as it takes you to the top for days of endless tubing!

How does summer tubing even work?! We’ve got you covered. Our Tubing Hill is gravity driven where each rider descends down individual lanes made of recycled plastic (think artificial turf) in an inflatable tube with covered sides and bottom!


1 Ride

$ 16-18
  • Age 4+

3 Rides - Non Shareable

$ 21-24
  • Age 4+

5 Rides - Non Shareable

$ 28-30
  • Age 4+
  • Must be ages 4+, all riders must ride alone
  • Weight limit 350 lbs. per individual
  • Prices are date dependent – see pricing calendar for specific dates and prices

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Weight limit is 350 lbs. per individual. The Tubing Hill is designed for ages 4 and up.

No, each tuber must be in their own tube. You can go down next to your little one at the same time in an adjacent track if you’d like!
We’ve made it easy and installed a conveyor belt to make life easy.
Not to worry. There’s a leash on every tube that makes holding on much easier. Even if you don’t have a ticket, feel free to ride the conveyor belt to the top in order to help your child as needed. You’ll simply just walk down the sides of the conveyor belt when you’re finished!
You’ll reach speeds up to 30 miles per hour!
Absolutely. We take care of all the setup for you. We make sure each tuber is seated properly and instruct everyone to cross their feet and hold onto the tube’s handles. This ensures a safe ride every time.
Yes, the Tubing Hill was designed for ages 4 and up, so we created a mild track as well as tracks with more significant drops in order to please all adventure levels.
Round trip on the Tubing Hill takes approximately 10 minutes.
There’s a spectator viewing area at the bottom of the Tubing Hill that’s perfect for pictures and video. We just ask that you do not stand or sit in front of the lanes as we don’t want any tubers running into you!
No loose clothing or accessories allowed